How to Save Money on Air Conditioning and Other Home Appliances

Today’s average homeowners have a veritable regiment of household appliances to help them and make their lives more comfortable. The investment in these home systems, however, is considerable. To get the longest – that is the cheapest – mileage out of them, one must invest wisely at the start, then keep repair and replacement costs at a minimum. This goes not only for home furnishings but for appliances as well. Here are some tips that will save you money.

Be sure that the appliances you buy will do the job you want them to do – no less, no more. It makes little sense, for instance, to buy a 10-person rice cooker, when what you want for everyday use is one that serves five. Same principle with an air conditioner. Why buy one with a 17,000 BTU cooling capacity, if the size of your room requires one with only half that much BTU? Making smart choices is easy once you have all the essential know-how and if you are practical enough to arrive at a wise decision, you’ll surely save a lot. Remember that making smart choices doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or spending a fortune. home appliances marathahalli

You will double your money’s worth if you make your machines last ten years instead of only five. To prolong appliance life, respect the product for what it is, for what it can do and cannot do. The day it is delivered, take ten minutes to study the manual. Follow instructions, and keep the manual handy for future reference. For instance, don’t overload a clothes washer or dryer. Be sure also not to turn your air conditioner to maximum or medium cool until you’ve switched on the fan for five minutes or so, this is to let the motor warm up. Keep electric motors free of dust and lint and beware of dampness. If anything goes wrong, repair it, or have it repaired as soon as possible.

If an appliance breaks down, don’t tinker with it unless you really know what you’re doing. But before you call the repairman, make sure that the appliance is plugged in, the electric power is on, the filters are clean and the controls are properly set. Many of the calls that repairmen go out on are unnecessary – cases when the owner didn’t make these few simple checks before calling for some help. If you do call a repairman, be home when he gets there; his wasted time can be your wasted money. If the trouble is serious, get an estimate for the total repair, parts and labor, before you give the green light. If the thought of repair bills haunts you, ask your appliance dealer about a service contract – actually a kind of repair insurance. Such contracts usually cover cost of parts and labor, and may provide for periodic checkups. They not only prevent budgetary disasters but, by keeping the appliance in top operating condition, may mean a long-run saving.

Spot small problems – and potential big ones – early. Procrastination is a pickpocket. It’s easier and cheaper to mend a small hole in a curtain than a large one, to plaster a tiny crack in the wall than yawning gap, to remove a small scratch or burn than one that has been there for, weeks or months. Your appliances are designed to provide you comfort and not to give you burdens. Moreover, when maintenance jobs are put of too long, it’s sometimes hard to do them at all, then you may have to replace. This costs money.